Gerhard Richter: Drawings & Watercolors 1957-2008

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From his early “Elbe” monotypes, landscapes in black ink dating from 1957, to his “November” series of works in ink from 2008, via the drawings of his series “Halifax”, forceful pencil drawings from the 1970s, this book explores, for the first time in France, the full range of Gerhard Richter’s graphic work.

Monotypes, Indian ink drawings, graphite drawings, and watercolors thus trace, between accidental spills and drips of colors, grey and black monochrome works, and the spontaneity of a sharp-edged, scratched or rubbed-out line, Richter’s singular approach to drawing. A perfect example of “non-drawing”, far removed from the characteristics usually attributed to the medium. Richter has long been wary of the artisanal, personal and aesthetic aspects of drawing. His critical view of drawing, which he considered too artistic, was shared by several artists in post-war Europe and led to radical new ways of looking at the technique. The exhibition reveals the diversity, continuity and the special place held by drawing in the oeuvre of one of the most important artists of the twentieth century.

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Published by Editions Dilecta, Paris
English and French
96 pages
ISBN 978-2-35031-382-5

Gerhard Richter: Drawings & Watercolors 1957-2008